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The Studio

My home based studio is located in Hawkwood in NW Calgary, Alberta. Sessions do need to be booked, however I can sometimes make last minute bookings work - you will have to give me a call to check availability 403-383-1337.  I do also shoot on location in Calgary and area.

I have been running Little Laughs for over 15 years, so my collection of studio props and backgrounds is huge and constantly growing! I tried to keep up to date with posting all the props and backgrounds but there is just so many!

Although I have so many props, I always suggest bringing any items from home to add a more personal feel to your photos. Please note, I do not have clothing available, due the large variety of styles, ages, shapes and sizes that I take photos of.

Big fan of hockey? Bring your jerseys or dads gloves for newborn photos.

Any Item you collect? Bring them and we can make a theme photo

Have a sentimental blanket or teddy? Bring them along.

Kids play an instrument? Bring it along!

Capture baby as they grow with the same teddy bear etc. Bring items from the babies/kids rooms to make art that matches the room. 

Get creative and bring anything you love (including pets) and we can work them into the photos.

I have done babies in Fire Helmets, Boxing gloves, Snowmobile helmets, climbing ropes, gamer headphones & game control, favorite stuffed animals, babies in cooking bowls and  even a baby in a pile of his 20 different Pooh bear themed stuffed animals.


Do you have a neat idea you want to try? Give me a call before your session and we can brain storm some ideas.

A few props in my studio:
  • Antique Trike

  • Rocking Horses

  • Frames

  • Mini Wagon

  • Large Wagon

  • Old Fashioned Scale

  • Soccer Stool

  • Tutus

  • Maternity Dresses

  • Chalk Boards

  • Stools

  • Signs

  • Chests

  • Bears

  • Baby knit Hats & Covers

  • Mini Bath Tub

  • Car Tire

  • Lace Rompers

  • Baby Hammock

  • Angel Wings

  • Flowers

  • Rose Pedals

  • Buckets

  • Baskets

  • Mini rocking Chairs

  • Large Tea Cup

  • Furs

  • Head bands

  • Cowboy Boot

  • Sleds

  • Holiday props

  • Themed backdrops (birthday, holiday)

  • Bow ties and head bands

  • Baby Booties

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