The Studio

My home based studio is located in Panorama in NW Calgary, Alberta. Sessions do need to be booked, however I can sometimes make last minute bookings work - you will have to give me a call to check availability 403-383-1337.  I do also shoot on location in Calgary and area.

I have been running Little Laughs for over 15 years, so my collection of studio props and backgrounds is huge and constantly growing! I tried to keep up to date with posting all the props and backgrounds but there is just so many!

For new additions, keep your eye on the social media accounts. My studio has two large rooms to fit larger groups. It also has a built in kids playhouse to keep the kids entertained and having fun between poses.

Although I have so many props, I always suggest bringing any items from home to add a more personal feel to your photos.

Big fan of hockey? Bring your jerseys or dads gloves for newborn photos.

Any Item you collect? Bring them and we can make a theme photo

Have a sentimental blanket or teddy? Bring them along.

Kids play an instrument? Bring it along!

Capture baby as they grow with the same teddy bear etc. Bring items from the babies/kids rooms to make art that matches the room. 

Get creative and bring anything you love (including pets) and we can work them into the photos.

I have done babies in Fire Helmets, Boxing gloves, Snowmobile helmets, climbing ropes, gamer headphones & game control, favorite stuffed animals, babies in cooking bowls and  even a baby in a pile of his 20 different Pooh bear themed stuffed animals.


Do you have a neat idea you want to try? Give me a call before your session and we can brain storm some ideas.

A few props in my studio:
  • Antique Trike

  • Rocking Horses

  • Frames

  • Mini Wagon

  • Large Wagon

  • Old Fashioned Scale

  • Soccer Stool

  • Tutus

  • Maternity Dresses

  • Chalk Boards

  • Stools

  • Signs

  • Chests

  • Bears

  • Baby knit Hats & Covers

  • Mini Bath Tub

  • Car Tire

  • Lace Rompers

  • Baby Hammock

  • Angel Wings

  • Flowers

  • Rose Pedals

  • Buckets

  • Baskets

  • Mini rocking Chairs

  • Large Tea Cup

  • Furs

  • Head bands

  • Cowboy Boot

  • Sleds

  • Holiday props

  • Themed backdrops (birthday, holiday)

  • Bow ties and head bands

  • Baby Booties

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