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Life is exciting when there is a new baby on the way!

Maternity photography does not be intimidating! I work with each mom-to-be to shoot what style they are most comfortable with. Some moms prefer to shoot more causal and keep the belly covered, while others prefer more boudoir-style or artsy (in lingerie or maternity gowns). Many choose a little of both styles. It is up to you!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. Your body is growing a tiny human life inside you,It is a time to celebrate your body, and capture this precious moment. I often shoot moms with siblings, partners and full families, I have many tips and tricks to capture younger kids interacting with your baby bump.

What should you bring?

Bring clothes you feel good in. Some women bring causal like a tank top and jeans, other bring a comfy spring dress. If you would like to try the artsy gown style or boudoir-style, bring along a lingerie set (as many of the dresses are see through). I do only have a few dresses, as there are so many shapes and sizes.

Looking for clothing inspiration? I always suggest looking through pintrest - its has so many neat ideas!

Bring any special items you may want photos with when baby arrives. Its is super cute to capture the same item with the belly and again as they grow older. (like a teddy, baby shoes or even capturing belly then baby with your wedding dress - you don't need to wear it)

Bringing along the ultra sound photo, a favorite kids book that you may read now and when your little bundle arrives. Let your older child hand paint on the belly! The options are endless.

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