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Over the years, I have always selected the best photos for my clients, this video showcases how I often will edit several images together to create the "best" option for my clients. I have now added the option for clients to select their own photos from the raw images. You can select the method that works for you.

Shoot Process

Book your appointment through phone, email or the online booking calendar. If you are looking for a session on short notice, please give me a call and I will do my best to accommodate you. Sessions are available in my studio

(Hawkwood NW, Calgary) or at a location of your choice (your home or outside - I have many suggestions)

When you come down for your appointment, the first thing we do is go through what styles you are looking for. Some people love props, others prefer no props, so this is where you can let me know what your desired style is and show me samples of what you like. During this time, if you want particular poses or props please let me know so I can keep track. I have a whole room of props available, feel free to point out any you would like to try. I also will ask you what package you have in mind, so I know how many poses to cover.

We then shoot through all the poses on my list. I always shoot way more than I need to make sure I have a variety to choose from. Expressions tend to change very quickly from one second to the next, so by overshooting I can capture a mix of expressions.


After the shoot, I confirm which package you would like (based on how well everyone did). Payment is due on the day of the shoot as cash, cheque, gift certificate, email transfer or credit card.

Edit Process

When I get to your package (I often have several clients to edit). My turn around currently is 1 - 2 weeks (this does vary depending on workload), I look through every photo and flag all the images with good facial expressions. I don’t worry about hands, drool etc. because when I am done the edits, it can all be removed.

I duplicate the images into a new folder (so I always have the master files to go back to). From here I trim down the best choices and make sure to give a good mix of poses. I choose the BEST photos, and there is no benefit in me giving you anything but the best. (As I can see the potential with every pose, that others may not) I often will mix several shots to create a better image.

All photos are naturally edited to be subtle and not noticeable. I do remove acne, shine and brighten teeth. If clients prefer less or more editing, please let me know and I will edit your package accordingly.


For years, I had previously always done the photo selection myself. As there is a big difference difference between the raw photos and the edited photos. I now also give clients the option to select which photos they would like edited and to add additional photos to their packages.

Raw v.s Edited

I am currently offering the option to "choose your own photos" . This method sometimes takes  longer if some clients take time to select the photos, but many people really want the choice. If you want more than your original package, each additional image is available to be edited and downloaded for $10 (or if you select the amount of the next package, you pay the package difference).

I work on EVERY photo – to adjust the backdrops, remove acne, drool, scratches, as well as converting black and white, adding glows and borders etc. I give every edited image in both color and black and white versions.

Once I have completed all the photos, I email you a private password protected weblink to your finished photos to view and send to family and friends. This link allows you to download the large print sized file as well as order prints online. If you choose to order prints through the link, it sends your order to me first. This allows me to adjust crops and make sure the prints will look the best they can.

Print Process


This is what your private gallery looks like, it is easy to download all the images or order prints.

When you receive your final weblink, this link allows you to download the large print sized files (with no copyright or logos). You can do whatever you would like with them. If you prefer to get professional prints, photo books and wall art, this is now also an option through your private link. Professional printing prices are listed here.

The prints you order online filter directly through me, this way I can make sure the sizes are printed correctly and crop lines showcase the best layout. Once I adjust the order and approve, your order is sent to a professional photography lab in Canada and they mail the prints directly to you.


I would love to put up more samples of my clients who have printed images of my work on the walls. If you have a cool layout you want shared, email me:

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