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Baby is finally here and will never be this small again. Capturing the tiny toes and fingers is one of my favorite parts of photography. The "best time" to capture the sleeping newborn shots is when they are under two weeks. At this time, they are still sleepy and it is easier to work into the more artsy poses while they sleep.


However, life gets busy and many parents are a bit later when booking. That is fine, there is pose options for all stages and your little one might just be more awake for the session. I will often tell new parents to give me a call when they are out of hospital and feeling ready to get photos. I can often get you booked in within a few days.

With newborn sessions, the whole family is welcome. There is no additional charges for shots with parents or siblings. I will also do the sibling shots first (as they are the hardest - and attention span is short).


When preparing for a newborn shoot, I always heat up my studio, so it will be nice and toasty for the naked babies. Warm babies are happy babies.


What should you bring?

It is a good idea to bring extra food (if bottle fed) and a soother (if baby takes it), this can help keep baby full and sleepy for the poses.
You are welcome to bring along any outfit you would like photos in, but it is not needed.

Baby will most likely be naked or swaddled in one of my wraps. I do not have clothing for babies.


Bring any special items you may want photos with baby. Its is super cute to capture the same item with the belly and now baby and again as they grow older. (like a teddy, baby shoes or even capturing belly then baby with your wedding dress - you don't need to wear it)

I love when families bring along personal items and we get creative. Fan of hockey? Lets put baby in dad's gloves, Harry Potter fan? Bring the books and we can add baby to the book collection on a shelf. Collect records? lets lay baby on some vinyl with drum sticks and headphones. There are so many options! Call me if you have an idea and we can brainstorm before your session.

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