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Meet Rosie

Calgary kids Photography

My name is Rosie Moyer. The photographer behind Little Laughs Photography Art.

I went to several photographers when my daughter was born (She is now 19!). I was not a fan of the pressure sales, huge costs for prints and the privacy of prices. I decided to start a photo company that was upfront without any pressure sales, that would give a great variety of poses and artistic editing. Little Laughs was created shortly after.

I have 3 kids (19,17 and 12). I have been self employed in the photography and multimedia business for over 20 years.

In one word, I would describe myself as "spunky" - because I love music and I love having fun. I often rock a vibrant hair color that matches my bubbly personality. Many of my regular clients will make bets with their kids as to what color my hair will be for their yearly photos session. I have many hidden talents, such as singing "Baby Shark" for hours, Talking in "Elmo voices" and for the older kids I can sometimes rock out a few "fortnite" dance moves. Even dads who come with the  "I don't want to be here - get this over with" disposition, often leave laughing and saying "wow, that was not so bad". I am fantastic with all ages of kids, can crack a natural smile from everyone and directing large groups is never a problem. I am also a lover of all animals and would rescue them all if I could! I even have a special trick to get most dogs to pose for the camera (It is so silly that it makes everyone laugh - and it works!)

I have been running Little Laughs Photography for over 17 years. I am located in Calgary, Alberta (in Hawkwood NW) and have a home based studio with hundreds of props and backgrounds. I also shoot on location in Calgary and surrounding areas. I am also available for destination weddings and events.

As a graduate from Vancouver Film School, I am skilled in working with digital photography, website production, video editing, online marketing and a master at photo editing. With a very young start into the multimedia industry, I have won many national awards for my photography and video work, and have hundreds of amazing families and companies that I have worked with over the years.


I also create video, website and marketing projects for a variety of large corporate clients and continue to do so through my second company

I love my job and all the wonderful families I get to meet and watch grow over the years.

Calry kids photos

Parent's Choice Awards

In 2014 - I was so honored and surprised when I won second place and received honorable mention for "Best family photographer" in Calgary's Child Parents Choice Awards. While I have many awards over the years, this one means the most. With zero prompting or asking clients to vote - it came as the best surprise!

Random Facts

Rosie Moyer


I love animals and have my own little "zoo", 2 dogs and 3 cats. Pets are welcome in the studio, just please give me a heads up so I can prepare accordingly.

My pets do not go into the studio and are put upstairs for all sessions, so no worries if you are nervous around animals.


Christmas Lights

Did you know that most years I do a large Christmas light display to music (that broadcasts to your car stereo). I find putting up the lights and programming the show to be very relaxing and rewarding. Kids love it and many families drive by over the month of December.


Looking for cool lights? visit:

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